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John Court john.w.court at nokia.com
Fri Sep 19 07:53:48 UTC 2008


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--- Comment #8 from John Court <john w court nokia com>  2008-09-19 09:53:39 ---
I would like to add support for this concept.  I have done embedded middleware
in C++ for Set Top Boxes and used Rational Rose and Borland Together to good
effect in that environment.  However currently I am doing SMP Unix Kernel work
and would really like to use a tool to a) reverse engineer a portion of our C
code and b) use it to document the design better.

Currently pointing umbrello from kdesdk 4.0 on fedora 9 at a single header can
cause it to lock up, I think this is due to a lot of struct forward
declarations. This also causes an imported structure to not be "cut" and
"Pasteable" (ie. error of you cannot delete a non-empty folder for some
reason).  Anyway I will download the source to see if I can debug this.

However I would suggest that class/struct diagrams and sequence diagrams are
just as useful in structured languages as OO.  What needs to happen is to be
able to parse structs in a slightly different way to class definitions or at
least recognise they are struct and don't bother defaulting to showing
operations for them.  Similarly a better way of showing global methods as being
inside of folders/files would be nice instead of classes.  This would make
sequence diagrams easier (ie. at the moment I create classes with the file
names and add the methods to them so that I can create sequence diagrams. This
is similar to how the reverse engineer of the headers is creating classes to
represent the structures).

Anyway some ideas for what it is worth.  It would be nice not to ignore the C
world at least until the OSs start to move to OO.



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