[Uml-devel] (re)Start of soc

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Mon May 26 16:50:41 UTC 2008

Hey folks,
I have been coding already but the main problem with this port kind of
work is, it is difficult to see the results in action at a fast
trackable way.
I realized my mistake of trying to tackle each and every issue from
the beginning of port(like changing lineColor , fillColor to pen and
brush) since it introduces lots of side effects.

So i promptly copied the files(i modified) somewhere in my home
directory, then svn reverted and started of with the main goal to
produce a compilable semi-ported version by next week (3rd June) :-)

In this week, i intend to do UMLView to UMLScene(almost done) ,
Q*CanvasItem to QGraphicsItem and produce a leaner UMLView as derived
class of QGraphicsView with as little changes as  possible. I should
get them all compiling.

Once this is done, i can commit my code into svn as my first work :-)

Then i will go on tackling issues like getting all the UMLWidgets
shown properly and fix all regressions. I'll keep planning
progressively, so i'll decide my time frame later for the later work.
(because i also learnt its always easier said than done ;) )

Since my english isn't that great, i am also planning to blog about my
progress and i have my blog syndicated to planet-soc.

Wish me luck and success guys :-)

Thank you umbrello community :)
Believe me guys, once this port is done umbrello can rock on with
great visual attractiveness and evolve as very usable piece of

Gopala Krishna A

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