[Uml-devel] GSoC : GraphicsView port of Umbrello

Kleag kleag at free.fr
Sun Mar 23 17:26:31 UTC 2008


I'm not a very active umbrello developer, but I think your 
project very welcome ! 
If you achieve all this work, this will be very great !

I'll wait your results with impatience.

Best regards,

On Sunday 23 March 2008 15:43:07 Gopala Krishna wrote:
> Hello people,
>   I am an Information Science engineering student from 
> India.  I am currently doing(since a year) a qt4 port of qt3 
> source project called - Quite Universal Circuit Simulator.
> (http://qucs.sf.net). In the process i determined myself to 
> GraphicsView framework for laying our circuit components 
and hence I
> am quite comfortable with the framework.
> I have been looking at kde soc ideas page for a while and 
when i saw
> GraphicsView port i was delighted. I had a very small chat 
on IRC and
> now i have decided to try my best to do the port as a part 
of SoC.
> Here is a few features i wish to do as a part of SoC. Most of 
them are
> directly related to the port and adresses mainly the GUI 
> *) This primary step is a direct port of qt3support canvas 
classes to
> qt4's graphicsview classes. This is quite a lot of work but 
> later make further additional features possible in easier 
> *) The controller based mouse-key-hover events related to 
uml widgets
> should be migrated to QGraphicsItem::*Event methods.
> *) Allow inplace modification of attributes, operations .. 
inside the
> diagram itself.
> *) Allow gradients to be used as background of diagrams. I 
also feel
> adding border/shadow to diagrams should be trivial.
> *) Provide color coded text inside class diagrams and 
other possible
> diagrams. For example data type can be of one color, the 
variable name
> can be of other color.
> *) Ability to hide selected attributes and operations of a 
diagram to
> increase the diagram clarity.
> *) The view should adjust its coords when any diagram is 
moved away
> from view coords.
> *) Fix Undo/redo seg faults. Also i think it would be nice to 
> separate undostacks for different diagrams. This reduces 
the stack
> cluttering.
> *) Implement mouseover tool tips described in Bug 
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