[Uml-devel] GSoC : GraphicsView port of Umbrello

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 14:43:07 UTC 2008

Hello people,
  I am an Information Science engineering student from Bangalore,
India.  I am currently doing(since a year) a qt4 port of qt3 open
source project called - Quite Universal Circuit Simulator.
(http://qucs.sf.net). In the process i determined myself to use
GraphicsView framework for laying our circuit components and hence I
am quite comfortable with the framework.

I have been looking at kde soc ideas page for a while and when i saw
GraphicsView port i was delighted. I had a very small chat on IRC and
now i have decided to try my best to do the port as a part of SoC.

Here is a few features i wish to do as a part of SoC. Most of them are
directly related to the port and adresses mainly the GUI issues.

*) This primary step is a direct port of qt3support canvas classes to
qt4's graphicsview classes. This is quite a lot of work but should
later make further additional features possible in easier way.

*) The controller based mouse-key-hover events related to uml widgets
should be migrated to QGraphicsItem::*Event methods.

*) Allow inplace modification of attributes, operations .. inside the
diagram itself.

*) Allow gradients to be used as background of diagrams. I also feel
adding border/shadow to diagrams should be trivial.

*) Provide color coded text inside class diagrams and other possible
diagrams. For example data type can be of one color, the variable name
can be of other color.

*) Ability to hide selected attributes and operations of a diagram to
increase the diagram clarity.

*) The view should adjust its coords when any diagram is moved away
from view coords.

*) Fix Undo/redo seg faults. Also i think it would be nice to have
separate undostacks for different diagrams. This reduces the stack

*) Implement mouseover tool tips described in Bug 150720

*) Settings fallback mechanism as described in Bug 53373

*) A mechanism to lock the current digram view read only .

*) Provide code-folding like feature to fold the attributes/operations
n class diagram and also where ever relevant.

*) Menus organization can be improved by moving the zoom, align
actions etc to view menu.

*) I also would like to investigate and fix the memory issue haunting umbrello.

These *might* seem like too many additions but imho they become simple
to tackle once the intial port is done. Please feel free to give any
kind of response you feel like. If you have any related ideas please
do list them.

Thanks a lot.
Gopala Krishna A

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