[Uml-devel] When to merge ?

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 18:53:47 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

Firstly thanks for being nice to me :-) I am very happy to be a part
of Umbrello community.

For some or the other reason i haven't completed the entire suggested
project in soc-timeframe.
Anyways good news  is atleast there are less "new" crashes and the
features are functional. And therefore I assume I was successful with
my very first soc all though I sucked in time frame estimation.

The only very important immediately missing part is AssociationWidget
and partly working MessageWidget.
Cut/copy undo/redo IMHO needs to be redone as I couldn't concentrate
on them during soc and there are some flaws.
Umbrello soc branch is now of alpha or lesser quality.

My question is when can I think of merging my code to the trunk ?
Do you feel I should try to complete the features in my soc branch
first and then merge into trunk ,
first merge into trunk and then (co)develop in trunk ?

I am planning to describe the architecture in a document so that
others can understand easily. I will do it sometime this week.

Also I have tests coming up in college next monday and so I will have
less time to think and code new features for the next 10 days. So I am
considering to fix bugs/regressions in my branch during this period.
 I have already updated my branch with all the changes in the trunk
happened so far.

So I request you all to try my branch and report all abnormalities
through the mailing list so that merge to trunk is smoother.
Fixes by patches/commits are also of course welcome ;)

But before considering the merge let me warn you about possible
serious regressions which might slip in unknowingly.
I recently read in a blog post [1] about an interesting issue when
large code is developed separately and merged, and similarly there
might be some risks as i might have made some grave mistakes.

So feel free to drop in comments/suggestions/encouragements/patches/commits ..

[1] http://blog.red-bean.com/sussman/?p=96

Probably we should have an IRC meeting sometime to discuss on how to proceed.

Gopala Krishna A

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