[Uml-devel] GraphicsView port: Approach

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 13:15:06 UTC 2008

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 12:27 PM, Kleag <kleag at free.fr> wrote:
>  A lot of the display features of umbrello are common with a generic graph
>  display. And what you suggest up to now confirm this feeling. So, if you want
>  to have a look to and grab some code from kgraphviewer (in
>  extragear/graphics), feel free to do so. It is not necessary perfectly adapted
>  to the umbrello situation but it could maybe save some time.

I'll try. I had a look but it looks like picking the code directly is
bit difficult to adapt. Never the less, the concepts will be surely
taken from that :)

>  I suppose that the graphics items would be really views of an abstract model ?


Gopala Krishna A

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