[Uml-devel] GraphicsView port: Approach

Kleag kleag at free.fr
Tue Apr 29 06:57:05 UTC 2008

Hello Gopala,

On Tuesday 29 April 2008 02:24:16 Gopala Krishna wrote:
>   I think it is better to have uniform code through out, and hence
> make UMLWidget inherit QGraphicsItem (not QG*RectItem)
> In the implementation for association widgets, we can use some methods
> like QGraphicsItem::shape() to implement the line properties. Thus we
> don't actually have to separate the rectangular and the line widgets
> in the topmost hierarchy.
A lot of the display features of umbrello are common with a generic graph 
display. And what you suggest up to now confirm this feeling. So, if you want 
to have a look to and grab some code from kgraphviewer (in 
extragear/graphics), feel free to do so. It is not necessary perfectly adapted 
to the umbrello situation but it could maybe save some time.

> >  > (6) Try to remove signals, slots and finally QObject base for
> >  > UMLWidget and also UMLObject if possible.
> >
> >  Well, a few of the signals/slots are really okay.
> >  For example, on renaming a class in the list view, all widget
> >  representations of the class should be updated to the new name
> >  (this may affect multiple diagrams.)
> Yes you are right. Qt code without signal-slot doesn't sound great ;)
> But what I actually want to do is keep signal-slot number in minimum
> which is very much possible due the GraphicsView framework goodies.
I suppose that the graphics items would be really views of an abstract model ?



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