[Uml-devel] GraphicsView port: Approach

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 15:28:11 UTC 2008

Hi guys,
  Here are the things which i'll be accomplishing initially

(1) Convert UMLViewCanvas to UMLScene (i.e inherit QGraphicsScene
instead of Q3Canvas)

(2) Migrate most of UMLView code to UMLViewScene. This is because
fiddling with scene coords and items directly is more convenient than
using the View coords. I agree there are methods to convert from view
to scene coords, but it would be a bit more faster to handle the mouse
events, managing items directly through the scene with scene coords.

(3) Also migrate as many possible event handling and item interaction
code to subclasses of UMLWidget.

(4) Rip off WidgetBase. UMLWidget will be base class of widgets in
general(both rectangular and non rectangular)
The sub classes can then easily be implemented for specific purpose
(LinkWidget for eg)

(5) Port all other widgets and get umbrello to compile.

(6) Try to remove signals, slots and finally QObject base for
UMLWidget and also UMLObject if possible.

I know, these might not be perfect and there might be better ways.
Please do guide me. Also if you have any tips, make sure you drop them
to me please :-)

Thank you. Wish me some luck ;)

Gopala Krishna A

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