[Uml-devel] kde4 umbrello: problem with diagram toolbar

sharan rao sharanrao at gmail.com
Sun May 6 21:04:58 UTC 2007

On Sunday 06 May 2007 23:39, Danny Beullens wrote:
> Sequence of actions leading up to the problem:
>       * Start umbrello and create class_A and class_B on the default
>         shown class diagram
>       * Next create an association relationship between the two.
>       * In the Views panel right click the Logical View and create a new
>         class diagram 'class diagram_1'
>       * From the Views panel drag class_A and class_B on the class
>         diagram_1
>       * In the Views panel click the 'class diagram' to get back the
>         first class diagram
>       * Now click the 'select' button in the diagram toolbar and next
>         click class_A to select it.
>       * What happens for me is that umbrello creates a new association
>         relationship for class_A, i.e. the select function is not active
>       * No matter how many times I click the 'Select' button, I can't
>         get the 'select' function to work.
>       * First click another function from the diagram toolbar e.g.
>         'Note' and then the 'Select' button. At this stage normal
>         behavior resumes
> Problem occurred in revision 661822
> umbrello build from sources on FC6

   fixed it :)

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