[Uml-devel] kde4 umbrello: problem with diagram toolbar

Danny Beullens dbeullens at tiscalinet.be
Sun May 6 18:09:42 UTC 2007

Sequence of actions leading up to the problem:

      * Start umbrello and create class_A and class_B on the default
        shown class diagram
      * Next create an association relationship between the two.
      * In the Views panel right click the Logical View and create a new
        class diagram 'class diagram_1'
      * From the Views panel drag class_A and class_B on the class
      * In the Views panel click the 'class diagram' to get back the
        first class diagram
      * Now click the 'select' button in the diagram toolbar and next
        click class_A to select it.
      * What happens for me is that umbrello creates a new association
        relationship for class_A, i.e. the select function is not active
      * No matter how many times I click the 'Select' button, I can't
        get the 'select' function to work.
      * First click another function from the diagram toolbar e.g.
        'Note' and then the 'Select' button. At this stage normal
        behavior resumes

Problem occurred in revision 661822
umbrello build from sources on FC6

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