[Uml-devel] usability suggestions

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 20 23:26:02 UTC 2004

Jonathan Riddell wrote:

> No plans currently, and I probably wouldn't know how to start doing
> it.  However it's an interesting idea and people do keep asking for
> command line diagram to image generation.  

uh, I didn't aim this far ! :-)
Well, let's see, there are a couple of milestones to get there. I'v
never coded with KDE myself, so we have to educate each other a bit
to get this rolling. Here are the two basic building blocks that will
you get there:

* make it possible for users to configure client-side commands to be
   called via menu / toolbar items (or even just keyboard shortcuts).

* define an interface to the underlaying model (the 'document') and
   possibly the whole application that you then expose to a scripting
   frontend such as python (via sip, boost.python, or whatever)

With these two things working, you could then write a 'command' in
python that accesses and manipulates the application / model state
and invoke it from the (G)UI as the user requests.

Let me know whether you are interested to pursue this road further.
I may able to help you, especially with the second point.


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