[Uml-devel] A few questions

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Sat Mar 27 07:44:01 UTC 2004

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 03:31:32PM +0100, BARTKO, Zoltan wrote:

>    To be honest with you, I admire the amount of work you all have
>    invested in this little darling, but I have a few questions:

We always welcome feedback.

>    I am fed up with association lines jumping around the place in a
>    totally undeterministic manner. How much work would it require to
>    overhaul Umbrello to behave as say, ArgoUML would behave (I know this
>    is not a place of comparison, but I just do not tend to like lines
>    crossing in my design all over the place)?

Association lines are surprisingly difficult to program.  There have
been some fixes so crossing of lines should be less than before but I
think it does still happen.

>    Second: Brian, does Umbrello work well with your projects? I have a
>    mere 180k project and I am slowly but steadily going nuts. I
>    accidentally have forgotten to set the code generation language to
>    other than Cpp and my file inflated to 1.8 MB with Umbrello slowing
>    down to frozen state.

I would probably like new style code generation to be turned off by
default because of these memory problems.  Doing Right Click->View
Source would turn it on.

>    Further on I see a phenomenon we once had here (I am sorry, I know,
>    these are complaints, but currently I have no time to dedicate to the
>    fixing of these things): If a class has operators, for who knows what
>    reason the length of the class is bigger than the length of the text
>    in it. Does not happen with attributes, though.

I can't recreate this.  Could you make a screenshot maybe?

Jonathan Riddell

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