[Uml-devel] A few questions

BARTKO, Zoltan bartko.zoltan at pobox.sk
Wed Mar 17 05:32:12 UTC 2004

Dear Jonathan et al.,

To be honest with you, I admire the amount of work you all have invested in this little darling, but I have a few questions:

I am fed up with association lines jumping around the place in a totally undeterministic manner. How much work would it require to overhaul Umbrello to behave as say, ArgoUML would behave (I know this is not a place of comparison, but I just do not tend to like lines crossing in my design all over the place)?

Second: Brian, does Umbrello work well with your projects? I have a mere 180k project and I am slowly but steadily going nuts. I accidentally have forgotten to set the code generation language to other than Cpp and my file inflated to 1.8 MB with Umbrello slowing down to frozen state.

I am using the current version of Umbrello from cvs.

If you are interested in the file, I can send it to you in private mail (my webserver ignores me, when I want to upload it).

Further on I see a phenomenon we once had here (I am sorry, I know, these are complaints, but currently I have no time to dedicate to the fixing of these things): If a class has operators, for who knows what reason the length of the class is bigger than the length of the text in it. Does not happen with attributes, though.

Thanks in advance


PS: The documentation generator is under construction, I have too little time to fix its bugs.

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