[Uml-devel] Correction for patch

Achim Spangler Achim.Spangler at mnet-online.de
Wed Mar 17 05:02:00 UTC 2004

I was too early with my assumption to have fixed the problem.
I detected too late, that the UseCase and Actor listitem entries are now 
inserted at wanted folder. But I missed due to my big project, that there is 
a double item outside the wanted folder.

Now I detected the reason:
Each Actor and UseCase entry is registered with UMLListViewItem instance 
_before_ the corresponding UMLListView::loadChildrenFromXMI() is called.

After some debug messages, I detected that the central UMLListView instance 
gets the following slot connection in 
UMLListView::connectNewObjectsSlots(UMLObject* object)
with the line:

This slot connection triggers the call of UMLListView::slotObjectChanged() 
which derives from the initiating object a pointer to a UMLListViewItem 
instance. For the returned pointer, the function 
UMLListViewItem::updateObject() is called.

I detected after the insertion of some debug messages in 
UMLListViewItem::updateObject(), that UMLListViewItem::updateObject() is 
called for each Actor and UseCase of my project _before_  the item would by 
created by UMLListView::loadChildrenFromXMI().

My solution:
Check in UMLListView::loadChildrenFromXMI() if there exists already a 
UMLListViewItem instance with same UID. If such an item is found, delete it, 
as the _main_ function to create the instance during load is 

I attach the corresponding diff against the currenct CVS with final working 

I hope the maintainers of the corresponding parts can follow my descriptions, 
so that they can accept or correct my suggestions.

By the way:
Maybe the approach to delete UMLListViewItem instances for items which are 
loaded at the moment could be also suitable for the other UML types.

Am Dienstag 16 März 2004 16:32 schrieb Achim Spangler:
> Hi,
> as I can create Use-Case and Actor entries as part of a folder, I'd like to
> load them into that folder again.
> But this is not possible at the moment.
> Reason:
> UMLListView::loadChildrenFromXMI( UMLListViewItem * parent, QDomElement &
> element )
> handles these UML types equivalent to class, enum, ... which can be only
> nested in packages.
> Possible solution:
> Change UMLListView::loadChildrenFromXMI( UMLListViewItem * parent,
> QDomElement & element )
> + Deactivate special handling - simply comment out corresponding
> case-labels + Use default switch-case handling
> Change UMLListViewItem::UMLListViewItem(UMLListViewItem * parent, QString
> name, Uml::ListView_Type t,int id)
> + Set pixmap correct for diagrams, use case and actors
> I performed these steps, and attached the diff ( diff -u -d -r1 ) relative
> to umbrello subdirectory of kdesdk.
> Please integrate or make a better solution.
> Bye,
> Achim
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