[Uml-devel] Umbrello proposed features + other stuff

Oliver Kellogg Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de
Tue Jun 1 11:06:18 UTC 2004

BARTKO Zoltan wrote:

> I had no idea I was responsible for the icons, but never mind, they are
done :)

Hmm, well I put you in there just to make sure that IF you wanted to do
more work in that area that then you would be allowed to do so.
Then, a few days ago, you wrote that you wouldn't be working on this

> I saw Oliver was supposed to work on Qt signals and slots in classes.

Hehe, this time it's _me_ who didn't know about that ;-)
But seriously: I'm not sure if and when I'll find the time.

> Having a look at the QT documentation the signals and slots appear
> always as void operations.
> So only the C++ code generator has to hacked...

Actually I'm not really the codegen man (at least not for C++ and Java),
that's Brian Thomas.
Brian, you still out there?


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