[Uml-devel] Associations broken, minor rant about development

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 30 10:07:29 UTC 2004

	I see that the associations are broken badly in the XMI save files now.
	The association type, which is an umbrello parameter, is no longer
	being saved under the UML::Association node. Is this because
	it invalidates the XML schema in some way?

	I plan to fix this, but can someone supply me with the dtd to which
	the XMI is supposedly conforming now. This will help me answer 
	questions like why cant I just put an assocType attribute back on the 
	UML::Association node?


	In my opinion, the latest changes to the association code, made just
	before KDE 3.2 release were *very* ill-considered and have introduced
	some fundemental bugs to the umbrello code base. I include here the
	changing the direction of the aggregation/composition "fix", the XMI
	file changes to conform to the UML spec, and the fix to the copy/paste
	of associations amoungst other things.

	Why where these changes allowed in so late in the development cycle?

	1. They were *not* part of the proposed changes to umbrello as posted
	    at developer.kde.org
	2. They didnt fix any severe bugs.
	3. They completely screwed up the internal representation of the associations
	  and there relationship to other classes, aka "classifiers". This has dire
	  consequences for the code generation, as well as introducing some serious
	  bugs (like the directionality of aggregations suddenly changing for no reason).



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