[Uml-devel] omf 0.95 release

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Tue Jan 27 22:56:57 UTC 2004


just letting you know... i've posted a new release of the omf. i'll keep this 
brief as its 2am in ohio and i'm tired :) i didn't really change a whole lot, 
but i did add some critical functionality: imports. basically. this basically 
lets you reference (and persist those references) to objects created in other 
models - like profiles (like Cpp and Java) and model libraries (like std, Qt, 
kdelibs, ACE, swing, MFC, ATL, etc). and, as far as i can tell it's mostly 
xmi compliant. i'm calling it 95% complete without real testing.

oh. right... i built another little test program. this one actually lets you 
create UML profiles. the program kinda sucks, but it's got some good concepts 
in it and it did help me create the standard uml profile (which should be 
part of every uml model).

here's the url as usual:


developers needed. feedback appreciated.
that is all.

andrew sutton
asutton at cs.kent.edu

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