[Uml-devel] [ot] google

P. Fleury fleury at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 10 13:24:15 UTC 2004

Andrew Sutton wrote:

> suppose i give you an interface that returns to you the content of every
>document on the internet (i.e., the entire internet). how would you write a 
>program to find the 10,000 most popular bigrams on the internet. a bigram is 
>two consecutive words. for example, in "every good boy does fine", you have 
>"every good", "good boy", "boy does", etc... and your solution should be 
>constrained by modern hardware (assume limited hardware resource like 4 GB 
>ram or something like that).
>the other question was regarding the implementation of the google "safe 
>search" feature (i.e, not returning porn sites in queries).
Hum... so they are hiring "free" consulting here. Did you provide them 
with the solution, and they then thought there was no point in hiring 
you any more ? :-)
At least, you got an interview, quite a rarity these days!


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