[Uml-devel] Tracing the problems with operations..

Brian Thomas thomas at mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Feb 6 11:47:01 UTC 2004

	I believe it goes back to the following patch:

date: 2004/01/16 01:08:45;  author: okellogg;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -5
Patch reviewed by J. Riddell:
UMLClassifier::checkOperationSignature(): Return pointer to the conflicting classifier.
UMLDoc::createOperation (with parameters): Return the existing operation if it already exists.
UMLDoc::createOperation (parameterless): Remove.
UMLDoc::getAssciationListAllViews(): Remove.

	The implementation is missing the appropriate connect statements in
	init() method of classfier class, as well as a screwy method called 

	Why was this allowed in the package on the 16th of January? Was it a bug
	fix? It doesnt look like it to me, but rather some hacking motivated by 
	"cleaning up" the code, which should have waited until *after* release.

	My vote is that this change be backed out of the system.


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