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Markvardsen, AJ (Anders) A.J.Markvardsen at rl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 4 00:11:13 UTC 2004

Dear Umbrello developers,

Sounds great with the Umbrello 1.2 release. I have recently used 
Umbrello 1.1, which I thought was a great achievement and I very 
much look forward to try out Umbrello 1.2 sometime next week.

Best regards,
Ph.D (theoretical physics) 
Oxford University
Rutherford Appleton laboratory

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Umbrello UML Modeller 1.2 released

Umbrello 1.2 has just been released as part of KDE 3.2.  You can
download KDE 3.2 from http://download.kde.org.  Umbrello 1.2 source is
available for KDE 3.1 from http://uml.sf.net/download.php

This release is the result of a year of hard work by the Umbrello
developers.  Numberous people deserve your thanks for their hard work
on this effort.  Sebastian our chief beastie squisher; Oliver the
association man; Brian the generation man; Luis who made things zoom;
Andrew who knows the UML specs inside out; people like Zoltan and
Pascal and many others keep us right when we go wrong and Robert who
did the Debian package.  The rest of KDE need praise too for
supporting the program and all the KDE translators for making it
available in dozens of languages.

New in this release is 
-Deployment and component diagrams
-Parameterised classes (templates in C++, Generics in Java 1.5)
-Enums, datatypes, packages
-Canvas zoom and resize
-A refactoring dialogue 
-Many new code generators (Perl, Python, SQL, ADA, AS, JavaScript,
IDL, XML Schema)
-Rewritten code generation for C++ and Java so you can edit the code
-Numberous bug fixes (and some new beasties too)

On that last note, please do report any problems with Umbrello to
http://bugs.kde.org (check for duplicates first, you can vote and
comment on them).  All fixes are greatfully accepted.

We'd welcome contributions of packages for KDE 3.1.

Thanks for using Umbrello

Jonathan Riddell

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