[Uml-devel] Question on AssociationWidget::loadFromXMI() - why unset old-first position of linepath

Achim Spangler Achim.Spangler at mnet-online.de
Mon Apr 19 00:53:11 UTC 2004

umbrello moves very often the FloatingText widgets of associations during 
project file load. I detected during my research, the following comment in 
associationwidget.cpp in line 3.153
			else {
				// set up 'old' corner from first point in line
				// as IF this ISNT done, then the subsequent call to
				// widgetMoved will inadvertantly think we have made a
				// big move in the position of the association when we haven't.
				QPoint p = m_LinePath.getPoint(0);
First - I don't find a call to a function for move of widget -> is this 
indirect called or is this call removed in current version?

Second - I think this move upon load is not good:
+ reload everything in same place as on last save is what the user
   ( at least me ) awaits
+ repositioning of single associations and single FloatingTexts can
    lead to wrong results, if not all associations of the affected diagram
    are reloaded

I suggest to inhibit the call to UMLWidget::adjustAssocs() during load of XMI 
project should be inhibited. Simply place everything on last position before 
save of xmi - in file umlwidget.cpp.

The reason for my research on ways to inhibit movements on reload:
The FloatingText widgets are moved too often on reload.

Additionally, I had some very irritating movements in diagrams, which I didn't 
edit for a long time ( i.e. a lot of save-reload cycles ), where all widgets 
were moved for a very long distance. Only the manual placed line-points stay 
at the old position.


Is there a possibility to comment all changes with:
+ date 
+ author
+ reason for change
direct in the source file.

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