[Uml-devel] Recent Association patch.

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Wed Nov 12 14:12:04 UTC 2003

Brian Thomas <brian.thomas at gsfc.nasa.gov> [031112 22:55]:
> 	I was forced into making the patch because the code wasnt creating (and
> 	subsequently) destroying UMLAssociations associated with
> 	AssociationWidgets. Now, while this appears to work, Im not sure that the
> 	other types of diagrams (like sequence) work still. Someone should check
> 	soon so this can get straitened out.
> 	Also, the picture isnt completely good for class diagrams. One "new" bug
> 	I see: I can do funny things like try to put (the same) 2 dependencies
> 	between 2 classes, and, instead of getting the message "Incorrect use of
> 	associations" umbrello simply reverses the direction of the dependency.
> 	(e.g. If I try to make ClassA inherit from	ClassB a second time, it
> 	just thinks I must have meant ClassB inherits from ClassA.)

I'm not sure, but if your last commit creates such big bugs, I would say
revert it. We are in feature freeze and it is not the time to introduce new
bugs. This could wait till KDE 3.2.1. I think it isn't that important to
have bug 67770 fixed.

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