[Uml-devel] Recent Association patch.

Brian Thomas brian.thomas at gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 12 12:29:08 UTC 2003

	I wanted to add a few more comments about the association patch I just made.

	I was forced into making the patch because the code wasnt creating (and subsequently)
	destroying UMLAssociations associated with AssociationWidgets. Now, while this appears
	to work, Im not sure that the other types of diagrams (like sequence) work still. Someone
	should check soon so this can get straitened out.

	Also, the picture isnt completely good for class diagrams. One "new" bug I see:
	 I can do funny things like try to put (the same) 2 dependencies between 2
	 classes, and, instead of getting the message "Incorrect use of associations" umbrello
	simply reverses the direction of the dependency. (e.g. If I try to make ClassA inherit from	
	ClassB a second time, it just thinks I must have meant ClassB inherits from ClassA.)

	This situation happens also for realizations (of interfaces). Im not sure how to fix this
	in the code, can someone knowledgeable take a look (Oliver? )


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