[Uml-devel] Ruby codegen question

Dmitry V. Sabanin sdmitry at lrn.ru
Mon Nov 10 17:11:42 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 11 November 2003 01:17, Sebastian Stein wrote:
> Dmitry V. Sabanin <sdmitry at lrn.ru> [031110 18:59]:
> > It's me again.
> > I'm trying to connect my basic generator to a Makefile, but I can't seem
> > to find the right place for that. Where should I add my rubywriter.h/cpp
> > to get it compiled with the rest Umbrello source?
> umbrello/umbrello/codegenerators/Makefile.am
> And you have to edit some files in umbrello/umbrello/ so that the GUI knows
> the generator. Grep for C++ or Java and you will find the right place.
I tried that, but I guess I did something wrong. I'll try again

> If you say you have just 1 file for your generator, you focused on the old
> generator scheme of Umbrello 1.1.1. I really like to ask you to have a look
> at the Java and C++ generator of version 1.2 (current CVS). They are very
> complex but offer a lot more functions.
I didn't know about this distinction between generators. Of course, I'll try 
to create as good generator as I can, and I will definitely use the new 

> Steinchen

sdmitry -=- Dmitry V. Sabanin

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