[Uml-devel] u2 update

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Mon Mar 24 05:42:06 UTC 2003

amazingly, u2 actually does something.

i didn't really know what else to work on yesterday, so i wrote the code that 
i suggested - a nice plugin that throws up a window (alright... a dialog) 
that has the contents of a metamodel. actually, it's pretty nice. no matter 
how many metamodels eventually get plugged into the system, this should never 
have to be rewritten. it also adds to the menu. you can find it by going to 
"View | Metamodel" and then selecting one of the libraries.

this has kind of gotten me interested in working out some of the gui details 
and core management systems for the ui - like view management and stuff. this 
requires some thought... so if anybody has some ideas, i'd love to hear them. 
now's the time because this is my first Qt application and i'm going to mess 
it up sooner or later :)

on a side note (and probably not very important) - i've decided how to 
implement reflective object access (via the refMetaObject). it's really quite 
simple. during parsing, we just go to the metamodel of the file being parsed 
and request a reference to the object that matches the XML tag name. of 
course, for recursively defined metamodels (of which i know only one), we it 
gets much harder. not really. we postpone metaobject resolution until the end 
of the parsing. then we just recurse thru the tree and set everything. oh and 
of course, we'll need to have some kind of metamodel loading flag that 
indicates we should remember non-abstract classes (since these will provide 
the lookup basis for meta objects). see... easy :)


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