[Uml-devel] more u2 update

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Fri Mar 21 13:42:07 UTC 2003

okay... now i've gotten somewhere. i just checked in the code for preliminary 
model management. basically, there's a model class that gets all parsed 
information from from the XMI parser pushed into it. the metamodel contains 
its own parsed model. there's was a weird issue with cyclic dependencies that 
can be detected and solved - which is solved (if anybody cares). the model 
also references back to its metamodels - that's where the cycle comes from.

how does the model class work with the rest of the application? well, i'm 
envisioning that there would have to be some collaboration between a couple 
different parts of the app. basically, you'd create an object using some 
class proxy (UML::Class_Class::instance()->create()) and then add it to the 
model. that's pretty simple to do. i suppose i should assign some file 
information back to the model class too. anyway - it's all there.

just to test the model class, i threw some code into the Model::Plugin in 
order to print out all the ids and names of objects in the model object map. 
apparently there are 296 objects created in the MOF standard. neat.

just in case somebody feels like building it and running it :)


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