[Uml-devel] u2 metamodel browser...

Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Fri Mar 21 12:33:19 UTC 2003

mentioned in the last email as something ancillary...

i'm contemplating the idea of a metamodel browser. it should be fairly simple 
because all the metamodels use the same objects and relationships. the 
browser could simply be a tree view with the hierarchy constructed on the 
containment of elements (Model::Namespace::contents) - of course this 
wouldn't really show anything useful other than the objects that exist in the 

i was this to be a GUI plugin, but i'm not sure where to put it. i'm thinking 
about making a visualization plugin directory where all things GUI related 
would go. for example, the metamodel browser is a window containing a tree 
view (i suppose it could be dockable). the uml model browser would 
essentially be the same thing but based on UML specific relationships.

any thoughts on this? like how to actually build it. i don't have alot (read 
ANY) experience with Qt GUI stuff. i suppose i'll figure it out at some 
point, but i was wondering if anybody might have some suggestions or 


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