[Uml-devel] Build error (cvs)

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 6 13:59:14 UTC 2003

> I think there's got to be a way to make it compile for you as well..
> like I said, on gcc 2.95 it's working... it took me a while because I wasnt
> sure where to put the virtual inheritance, but at the end it worked.

> I dont like the way it's now ( the ClassPage having the Base as "internal
> data") because then I cannot use the page as  a widget... ok, I can still
> do a work-around but....
> could you please try again if you can make it compile like it was before.
> If not, I'll have to read the manual for QT Designer and see how the
> "custom" containers work.

I tried to "simulate" different situation of virtual inheritance and It seems 
the only situation that it wants to compile is the same virtualized base 

I found this in the moc tool help:

Multiple inheritance requires QObject to be first 
If you are using multiple inheritance, moc assumes that the first inherited 
class is a subclass of QObject. Also, be sure that ONLY the first inherited 
class is a QObject.

So for me it means that what you are originally trying to make is "not 
supported" by QT. And I understand this in the way how the signals and slots 
are implemented. Any slot that you can add in the second class "should not" 
be visible.

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