[Uml-devel] compatibily umbrello 1.1.1 -> 1.2 alpha

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Jul 23 00:55:04 UTC 2003

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 11:53:11PM -0300, Alessandro Binhara wrote:

> I'm test a 1.2 version.now. 
> But i have problems to open a file genereted by 1.1.1 version 
> in 1.2 version. 1.1.1 xmi file is not compatible with a alpha version 
> from cvs?

A 1.1.1 file should be compatible with 1.2.  If it is not send a (URL
to a) copy to the list and we'll look into it.

Jonathan Riddell

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