[Uml-devel] Qt feature request

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Mon Jul 7 08:26:08 UTC 2003

> > On Friday 04 July 2003 16:02, Sebastian Stein wrote:
> > > Filippos Papadopoulos <csst9923 at cs.uoi.gr> [030704 15:58]:
> > > > Could it be possible to add a feature in the Umbrello (in the near
> > > > future ;) so that we can have a visual representation of the
> > > > connections between Qt's signals and slots ?

stereotypes, man. that's why they're there. its not pretty, but its 
semantically correct for uml.

> I don't think there could be any visual representation (similar to
> associations say) since that's extending UML.  But they could be put
> in a separate compartment in classes (like operations and attributes
> have their own comparment).  I did once try creating a more general
> framework which would allow compartments to be added to classes and
> other UML things and which included stereotypes, but I failed
> miserably.  Maybe I should try it again at some point.

i was thinking about doing something like this. i think you should try again 
sometime. its a worthwhile cause. an actual design for notation :)


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