[Uml-devel] Qt feature request

Nash Hoogwater nrhoogwater at wanadoo.nl
Fri Jul 4 07:32:04 UTC 2003

Hi Steinchen,

I also thought about the request Filippos made, because it crossed my mind 
also a lot of times. And I agree with you almost completely, because, well 
UML is a standard and slots and signals aren't. However it would be nice to 
at least have the import option to import the slots and signals as public 
methods (because in a way that is what they are).

OK, that are just my 2 cents.


Nash Hoogwater

On Friday 04 July 2003 16:02, Sebastian Stein wrote:
> Filippos Papadopoulos <csst9923 at cs.uoi.gr> [030704 15:58]:
> > Could it be possible to add a feature in the Umbrello (in the near
> > future ;) so that we can have a visual representation of the connections
> > between Qt's signals and slots ?
> If I understand you right you are going to add something specific to UML
> diagrams. Well I think we would be glad to support the UML completly so I
> don't think it is a good thing to start some kind of propertery things.
> Steinchen

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