[Uml-devel] [Bug 71418] I18N done wrong on Umbrello worktoolbar

pezz at tkwcy.ee pezz at tkwcy.ee
Mon Dec 29 05:58:01 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From pezz at tkwcy.ee  2003-12-29 14:57 -------
All I want to say is that it's OK if description is in about dialog, but having name that contains multiple words in name is evil, because not all languages are using prefixes and suffixes, but they changes words' endings and their word ordering is different. In this case: if I translate string 'Umbrello UML Modeller' (that appears in appname and in about dialog) into 'Umbrello - UMLi modelleerimise vahend' then it's OK for about dialog, but in menu it appears 'Umbrello - UMLi modelleerimise vahend seadistamine' when there should be 'UMLi modelleerimise vahendi Umbrello seadistamine'. Sometimes things are even more complicated. Get it? I really hope so. If not, then take a beer read this: http://www.hiiumaa.ee/douglas/keel.htm

It's not coincidence that 99.99% of applications have one-word names.

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