[Uml-devel] report

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Jul 31 10:11:04 UTC 2002

> the other problem I got is, as before, with the QPtrList::operator != which
> is NOT defined.
> I think this is something serious, and if you guys using RH dont get it, it
> means we are using different QT versions.
> I'm working on a SuSE 8.0 Box, KDE 3.0 and QT hm... I guess 3.0 too, not
> sure.
> Please check in qlist.h if you have QPtrList::operator!= defined.

I'm going through my unread e-mail here.

No, I don't see it (in qptrlist.h).  I'm sure trolltech would be happy to
give a response to any feedback.

Jonathan Riddell

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