[Uml-devel] What about the bug tracker on sf.net?

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Tue Jul 23 09:55:02 UTC 2002

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Hi all,

on Tuesday 23 July 2002 17:46, Luis De la Parra wrote: 

> > If it is the wish of the list then I will ask the sourceforge staff if I
> > can admin the project then a) bug reports etc can be sorted b) people can
> > get CVS access and c) I'll make it my uni project and all will be right
> > with the world.
> that's find with me. did you get a chance to talk with paul about it before
> his computer passed away?

Well, if Paul has a chance to visit an internet cafe or so, he could add the 
respective rights to one of the other folks w/o using his own computer. It is 
also wise to have a second project admin just for cases as this one.

> I guess if Paul can't reply, then this decission should be taken by the
> other "official developers" in the project. but paul had already said he
> needed to hand over coordination because of his masters... and I really
> think the project needs to have someone with admin privilegies at all
> times, so I would suggest doing this *at least* as a temp. meassure.
> btw. thanks for the upload, I'm downloading it right now so hope to send
> you a small patch tomorrow morning.
> regards,
> luis

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