[Uml-devel] Project coordination

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Fri Jul 19 02:26:02 UTC 2002

> Hi,

> Why do you want to block the cvs? I think it is not necessary to block th
> e 
> cvs. A better way is, to define some TAGS and open some branches for test

ok, I admit I'm not a cvs-expert, but I am not propossing to block cvs
permanently (that we all have to send the code to some "coodrinator" and
only he can commit.. NO, I didnt mean that)

I only suggested to block it for a couple of days, to make sure no one
commits code in one or two days and give time to the coordinator to straight
things up and fix all problems in cvs. after that cvs should be open again
and people can commit direct (of course, AFTER updating its own copy and
sure they dont break anything and that no one else modified the same code
modified, in which case they should first solve all conflicts before

branches would be a very good idea if, for example we want to stabilize uml
for the next release, which everyone wants to make soon without stoping
new-features development. we could have the release branch and the development
branch, but now I'm only talking about stabilizing things so that we can later
branch and merge more easily.

everyone can still code on its cvs copy, but then after cvs is fixed, the
first time you commit have to get a fresh copy, merge your changes to your
cvs copy and then, if everything works ok,  commit. from that point on its
easy.. it's only getting everything fixed the first time which is problematic
since everyone seems to have
completly, uncompatible, cvs version (for example, the CR/LF problem, etc)
and just applying diffs is not easy. there has to be a lot of manuall merging.
(diffing the CR/LF files will tell you they are completly different, and in
reallity maybe only 2 lines changed and all the others can be fixed with
dos2unix, but this has to be done and tested manually by someone. that's why I
inist in first ONE person fixing cvs, and then the rest of us has to adapt to
this "new" code

so, I still propose to block, fix, and then reopen.
if Jonathan is willing to do this work, Paul agrees, and Jens and everyone
else accept this we could take Thomas' and Jens' tips so that everyone can
commit with out accidentaly fucking things up for everyone.



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