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Jens Krüger jens_krueger at frm2.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Jul 19 01:35:06 UTC 2002

Am Freitag, 19. Juli 2002 09:46 schrieb Luis De la Parra:

There is a simple way to setup the CVS to send a message to the um-devel list 
in a case of any commits:
In the loginfo file of the CVS Repository 

DEFAULT $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/log -m umbrello-devel at kde.org -s \
-f /dev/null

and  in the notify file

ALL mail %s -s "CVS notification"

now all commits should create a mail to the mailing list.

Our CVS runs with this set-up.

> > How do you guys announce changes on the CVS tree anyway? Is there some
> > automatism or do you do it manually here on the list? Just curious.

Luis you are right.

> I think we are having a serious organizational problem here. It seems no
> one knows who is doing what, and cvs is really a mess.
> Since I cant write to cvs and wont have internet access from home for the
> next 4 weeks I've been sending all my code to paul so that he could put it
> into cvs, but I dont remember seeing any mail telling someone has modified
> some code, so I have no idea what the status of the cvs code is right now.

So I understand we can get write access to the SF cvs in a simple way. Paul 
has to set up the CVS in that way, you get write access.

> is there a way to set SF to notify to the list automatically when cvs gets
> updated? (paul??) if yes, we need to turn it on. if no, it'd be nice to
> know who has write access to cvs, and those people should commit themselves
> to notify on the list the changes they make / apply. That why we all know
> what to expect when downloading cvs.
> paul: you said you wanted to pass on project coordination. is this still
> the case? who is now guiding uml?
> I still have my copy of cvs which I sent to paul a few days ago (file name
> uml-luis2.tar.bzw) that file fixed the line terminator problems, fixed the
> code generator problems and added a couple of new features (Esc and Shift)
> ) but I dont really know if that code ever made it to CVS or if Paul's
> crash happened before that.

Why do you want to block the cvs? I think it is not necessary to block the 
cvs. A better way is, to define some TAGS and open some branches for test 
versions outside the mainstream (like in the linux kernel). These branches 
have nothing to do with branches due to releases. The "owner" of such branch 
should take care for the merging from the mainstream and vice versa.

> Anyways.. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I think this is what
> should happen:
> The "coordinator" should temporarly block cvs, and then get a fresh copy
> from it.

If you work in this way you have problems with testing. Lets work in that way 
that a lot of people may test your newest code. You have only to ensure that 
your code is compiling. My opinions from the work show that it works fine.
The requirement for this kind of work is:

update your current working space with the content of the CVS. If there were 
no changes made by other developers commit your changes. Otherwise you have 
to test the code again and to repeat the procedure until no changes were 
found. It sounds a little bit strange, but in practice you have to do the 
last procedure rarely. Mostly you did not find a lot of changes before you 
try to commit.

>From my point of view the maintainer or coordinator should decide wether the 
state may released or not (of course with the help of the other developers)

> I can send him my file and he can compare / merge the files.
> Anyone else who has done some code and is not sure it made it to cvs does
> the same (send it to the coordinator)
> the coordinator tests that everything is working (should build and install
> without any problems) if this is the case, he makes a distclean, removes
> Makefile.in, configure, and all other files that are automatically
> generated and then cleans cvs (copy the whole repository to a back up
> place) and does a new, fresh import with the fixed code.
> From this point on, people writing to cvs must notify changes to the list
> (should not take too long to write a two lines email) and take care not to
> add files which should not be in cvs, like Makefiles and the such. Those
> should be generated locally and shold stay local.
> what to do you think? who is going to do it? I know we all dont have too
> much time, so it will probably mean to suspend things for a couple of days,
> but I think it's worth it.
> I dont think I can do it because I dont have cvs / internet access at home,
> but if no one else can /wants, you can send me your files per email, I'll
> put them together and then send it to someone with cvs access who would
> only need to backup cvs, delete everything and make a fresh import.
> There was a volunteer to take over project coordination. Do you think you
> can do it? Paul?
> regards,
> Luis



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