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Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Wed Jul 17 08:24:07 UTC 2002

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Hi all,

on Wednesday 17 July 2002 13:46, Paul Hensgen wrote: 

> Hi guys,
> Updated cvs and it is abit different with kdevelop 2.1.2 to the other
> version I was using.
> KDevelop no longer make a uml binary but something like uml-i386-linux or
> something like that.  This means program won't load from menu atm.
> CVS has again got a stale lock on it.  I have contacted sourceforge and
> waiting for them to remove it.  I thought they had fixed the problem with
> vi.

I just had a look and noticed that you were able to checkin some changes to 
sourceforge. I noticed, that Paul changed the list comparison in 

  bool UMLOperation::operator==( UMLOperation & rhs )


  if( &m_List != &(rhs.m_List) )

In my opinion, this is not correct, as it compares the addresses of the list, 
not their contents. To proof this, I analyzed the QT source at that point and 
wrote the following little test program which I want to share with you:

#include <qlist.h>
#include <iostream>

int main()
        QList<int> a;
        QList<int> b;
        bool res;

        a = b;
        res  = a == b;
        cout << "1) a == b returns " << res << endl;

        res = &a == &b;
        cout << "2) &a == &b returns " << res << endl;

        res = !(a == b);
        cout << "3) !(a == b) returns " << res << endl;

        res = &a != &b;
        cout << "4) &a != &b returns " << res << endl;
        return 0;

The results are:

1) a == b returns 1
2) &a == &b returns 0
3) !(a == b) returns 0
4) &a != &b returns 1

As one can see, the same two lists might have the same contents but different 
addresses (as they are stored with different objects).

I would assume, that 3) is the correct result not 4).

Or am I missing something here? Please tell me if I am completely wrong, 
because then I have to consider to go back to the books on C++ again.

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