[Uml-devel] Converting data from earlier versions

P. Fleury fleury at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jul 17 01:07:05 UTC 2002

Thomas Baumgart wrote:

>I noticed, that major changes have been made to the CVS tree and the binary 
>format in which I have all my files seems not to be supported anymore by UML 
>:-(  Am I missing something, or is there a tool available somewhere that 
>helps me in converting the files I have, or do I have to redraw everything? 
>Anyway, XMI is the way to go.
Hi Thomas,

The file format has changed since 1.0.4. However, it is not yet XMI but 
an updated binary format. That was needed so that new elements now 
available in uml can be stored into the file. And there is no conversion 
tool, sorry. Actually, it would be a lot of work for apparently now 2 
users, you and me :-)

So basically I keep a 1.0.4 uml around for my old files. And I draw new 
ones with the CVS version of uml. The core developers however are aware 
of this backwards compatiblity, and moving to XMI will probably just 
make this a no-problem.


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