[Uml-devel] Converting data from earlier versions

Paul Hensgen phensgen at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jul 17 01:05:09 UTC 2002


At the moment I have only allowed the new file format to be loaded due to make 
it easier to write progressive code.

When the new version 1.0.4 is released a little app will be released with the 
program that will convert the older file format.  I may even just implement 
in the program itself.  I am yet to write this.  Someone else may even write 
this before I get a chance to (hint hint someone :) ).

I'm sorry about this but it makes it quicker to develop new features.  But 
hold onto those old formats as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It should only be a few weeks anyway.


On Wednesday 17 July 2002 17:52, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
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> Hi all,
> because I ran into a severe problem (SIGSEGV while loading a file) with a
> previous CVS snapshot of 1.0.4 (I pulled it around March 2002), I
> investigated the problem, found and fixed it. Next I pulled a fresh CVS
> snapshot.
> I noticed, that major changes have been made to the CVS tree and the binary
> format in which I have all my files seems not to be supported anymore by
> :-(  Am I missing something, or is there a tool available somewhere that
> helps me in converting the files I have, or do I have to redraw everything?
> Anyway, XMI is the way to go.
> I noticed that after I went through the problems that have been reported
> here before (CRLF/LF and QPtrList). The CRLF problem could be related to a
> 'cvs import' from a windows box. That's were I have seen that happen.
> One member of the user community proposed a fix to the QPtrList. He writes:
> > I was able to fix the problem with:
> >
> >   if( &(m_List) != &(rhs.m_List) )
> That fixes the occurance of the compile error, but is not right. I'd
> suggest to use
>   if( !(m_List == rhs.m_List) )
> which is something different (actually compares the list's contents and not
> only the addresses of the objects). btw: I am on SuSE 8.0 and QT 3.0 here
> as well.
> Bottomline: UML is a great tool. Keep on going guys.
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> Regards
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