[Uml-devel] more stuff for CVS

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Tue Jul 16 00:03:02 UTC 2002

Hi everyone,

> Going to put Linux back on after I send this E-Mail and get the last file
> Luis sent and then update CVS.

didn't know you hadn't updated CVS yet... I have fixed some stuff since I
sent you that code, so if you havent done so, maybe you can wait one more day
so that tomorrow I can bring my stuff to work and send it to you from here??

fixes I've done since the file I sent you are:

-Add/Remove languages dialog (UML recognized new libs at start up, but the
add/remove dialog was broken and I had been too lazy to fix it... it works ok

-visual feedback on active tool (arrow cursor for select tool, cross cursor
for "insert" tools) 

-pressing ESC switches back to select tool (arrow)

-pressing SHIFT swithces back to the previously used tool

-updated JavaWriter to be at the same level with the latest CppWriter (I had
only worked on Cpp Code Generation and the Java only generated pretty bad
code, now I think both of them are useable)

> I also notice for some reason I am not on the mailing lists so I have
> missed
> some e-mails.  Will fix asap.

yeah, well I *think* I'm getting all the mails, but I have the "batch" mode
on (get all the mails together at the next day) but I've noticed the archives
in SF are not working.. sometimes days can go by without SF updating the
archives and I know there's traffic on the list cuz I get the mails.

> First thing I fix will be Constructor and method overloading.  I think
> there
> will be a bit of work in it, but I think it needs to be done before the
> next
> release!

what constructor/method overloading are you talking about?

> Anyone else working on anything atm?  I still haven't recieved many
> requests
> for features?  I have two weeks before University start again for me, so
> still abit of time for some solid coding.

take a look at the whishlist I sent to the list. I already started with some
of the items but I think there are still some open, just in case you get
bored =))

I also had a look at dia2code. they use a completly different approach there
to generating code, so there's nothing we can use directly, but basing on
the Cpp/JavaWriter I've done and looking at the language-sintax in dia2code I
could implement other languages pretty quick. The only thing is that someone
who knows the language needs to check the code and see if it's ok. so if
someone konws python or some of the languages supported by dia2code let me know
and I'll do the Generator.



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