Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Jul 12 07:36:14 UTC 2002

> > Well I would gladly do it.  I havn't done that much on the programme but
> > if I was the chosen one I'd almost certainly make it my final year
> > university project and could dedicate myself to it basicly full time.
> great to see a volunteer... but, please check before if that would be ok
> with your university, I mean, that other people contribute code to the program
> as well or if you would have to do it all on your own.

Having other people working on it is fine with them (so long as I don't
pass off other people's work as my own of course).  Software development
is almost always done in groups so it makes sence.  They claim that
they're all for free software...if I get my way they might actually use it
as well.

Jonathan Riddell

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