[Uml-devel] wishlist

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Tue Jul 2 01:30:39 UTC 2002

and now some items from my wishlist...
this uml is really a big step forward compared to my 3 weeks old cvs-copy I
was using untill yesterday- amazing (altough the other one was not bad at
all!), but here are some items I would like to see, in case some one has some
free time... =))

1 - when selecting a tool from the tool bar (create concept, create
association, etc) change the mouse pointer to give better feedback of which is tool
is active.
I was used to the old behavior (create one and switch back to select tool
automatically) and I think it is much better the new "sticky"-way but after
creating one class I was trying to open it or move it, and it took me a while to
figure out that the create tool was still active and that "it is not a bug,
it is a feature" =).. I know the button in the tool bar stays "highlighted",
but appending a small icon to the pointer would be nicer. maybe only have two
pointers: the arrow for selct / move tool, and a cross for everything else
(create concept, create associations, etc).

holding down the alt key to switch temporarly to the previous tool would
also be excelent. (switch to select/move if you are using a create-tool, or
switch to the last used tool if you are in select/move mode)
once you are there, pressing "Esc" to swtich back to select/move should not
take long to implement.

2 -when adding a new operation / attribute to a class, show the "properties"
dialog right away instead of only the "one-line-edit" (only name) dialog.
For classes it is ok to have only the name, and if you want to modify somthing
open its properties, but when creating attrs/ops it would be nicer to be able
to set type, scope, etc, right away and not having to first create and then

3- maybe have a small "new" button for creating new attrs/ops in the class
properites dialog (it'd be faster than right-click -> create new-> attr)

4- did I see wrong, or you dont have the properites of the attrs/ops when
selecting a attr/op in the class properites dialog?? I think now you have to
open it to see its properties, and I think it was better the way it was in the
old class-properties dialgo (ie, select a attr/op and you see at least the
basic stuff (scope, type) right away without having to open a properties dialgo
for the attr/op. 

- comments on those??



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