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Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Mon Dec 9 07:23:08 UTC 2002

i hope we aren't polluting the wrong people's mailboxes with this 
conversation. sorry if we are :)

> > You basically need some library to parse SVG and render that. And it
> > seems
> yes.. well, not just a library to parse SVG. I was thinking more like a
> "SVG-Widget" which handles everthing.

right. we need to be able to associate svg drawn shapes with data so the user 
can click on something (like a class or association) and select it. we aslo 
need to be able to associate widgets with UML geometries and standard 
semantic metaphors. then there's that whole extensibility thing (being able 
to create new visual metaphors for new concepts, like aspectJ aspects).

> I was thinking maybe we could just use KSVG as a display widget: we create
> one of those things, then we feed it a piece of SVG and it renders it for
> us -- if that works, then we would need to add some mouse event handlers to
> the widget, but like I said, we don't want a full-blown drawing tool like
> Karbon. - we are not going to use it for free-drawing.. it's more just like
> : "ah, ok, we've got a mouse click at pos x,y.. well... then we just need
> to insert a "class" to the SVG tree with those cordinates and make sure
> KSVG gets refreshed"
> Maybe creating associations and moving objects would be more complicated,
> but still it's not even close to a vector drawing program like Karbon.

i thought that in previous discussion, we had admitted the requirement for 
free-drawing capabilities - to a degree. i think it would be worthwhile to 
allow developers to add miscellaneous text to a diagram and maybe simple 
block shapes and what have you.

> > > PS: Umbrello is great and I'm _really_ using it !
> nice to hear that.

definitely great to hear :) tell your friends.


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