[Uml-devel] updated admin/ directory

Peeter Russak pezz at tkwcy.ee
Mon Apr 29 05:09:05 UTC 2002

On 29 Apr 2002, Jonas Larsson wrote:
> > I'd be interested to know if it now works with KDE 2 (it probably won't).
> I can't build at all. It complains that I don't have autoconf 2.5.

KDE3 needs automake 1.5 and autoconf 2.5 for generating build-files.
Decision to use newer versions of these was made to be able to compile
KDE3 stuff better on non-linux platforms. You can have different versions 
of autoconf and automake in your system at the same time if needed but
I personally have not seen any problems with just upgrading my
automake/autoconf. There's even still files for older automake/autoconf 
in admin prefixed as old-* so you should be able to generate buildfiles 
with older automake/autoconf if you remove old-.

> Also, we need to get hold of the maintainer for the project 
> so new developers can be added to the project (me ;-). If this fails we
> should consider hijacking the project and moving it elsewere. Not a
> very nice thing to do but like this the project is stalling. I've seen
> some discussions about a move to KDE cvs, any decisions?

As I've understood kdenonbeta is for last distilling before including
into official packages (or fading away as dead project as taking a look
at kdenonbeta shows:|). So it should have at least alpha-version quality 
that uml tool IMHO doesn't have yet. Second problem is that having project 
in kdenonbeta requires kde cvs-server accounts for every one of us. What 
I propose is that instead of ugly highjacking we just fork the project and 
start new project in SourceForge or maybe better in Savannah 
[http://savannah.gnu.org/]. Good consequence is that project gets at last a 
real name that sound better that plain UML Tool:) I can take project managing 
stuff on my shoulders right now if needed.

What do you think about it?


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