[Uml-devel] UML Modeller and KDE 3

Gustavo Madrigal gmadrigal at nextphere.com
Thu Apr 25 14:50:11 UTC 2002


I am also doing some programming for the UML project.
I have been doing some copy and paste stuff plus adding none straight line 
association support (to be submited), a better movement  algorithm for 
FloatingTexts associated with associations(to be submited), also a friend of 
mine has some patches for speeding up file loading and saving(to be 
submited), also he is working on state and activity diagrams. I know some 
other people have been working on other stuff but they have been very quite. 

I also talked to Waldo Bastian (bastian at kde.org) about getting UML Object 
Modeller inside KDE 3.1 and he said it would be nice, and two people from the 
devel list <umbrello-devel at kde.org> answered positive about this 
change. I have not heard anything from Paul Hensgen and I do not know if he 
is going to keep working or not.

The following are some ideas that I have:

--Object Diagrams (priority), 
--Deployment Diagrams (priority) Before implementing new diagrams we need to 	
	split the CUMLView class in several classes: one Parent class and one for 			
	each diagram type

--Complete existing diagrams to comply with UML v1.4

--Link parameter and attribute types to UMLObject (when possible)

--Add Documentation fields for Functions, Attributes and Function attributes

--Automatic Documentation generation (a friend of mine is planning something 
in docbook)

-- XMI export

--Code generation, the people from dia2code have expressed interest in 
providing some sort of support for this all we need is an XMI export feature.

--Switch file format to XML

--Change the ListView to support several views (association views, etc)

--Diagram Zoom 

What do you think?

I would like to coordinate the uploading of my patches.
I also would like to discuse about the actual design because I think there 
are some problems on it that we need to fix in order to incorporate new 

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On Thursday 25 April 2002 13:31, you wrote:
> I've make some changes so UML Modeller compiles with KDE 3.0  It's mostly
> just adding #include lines.
> I edited ./configure to point to libkio rather than libkfile.
> Unfortunatly when it comes to autoconf and autmake I'm completely scoobied
> so I don't know if editing the configure file is the best thing to do.
> There are references to libkfile in aclocal.m4 and acinclude.m4 and I've
> no idea what these files do.
> The configure script also got confused with KDE 2 and I had to move
> /opt/kde2 out of the way before it would go with /opt/kde3, which is
> something to look at.
> There's some other obvious bugs yet to be sorted.  I may get round to
> doing a SuSE RPM soon.
> Can anyone advise on the status of this programme?  I was thinking of
> taking it up as a university project.
> cheers,
> Jonathan Riddell
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