[Uml-devel] terminating objects

Paul Hensgen phensgen at techie.com
Wed Oct 24 17:40:06 UTC 2001

Hi Johnathan,

1) Cool, this has been requested by a few people.

2) I have never used patch before so can you tell me the command to enter.

3) I have code that needs to be added to the cvs before it's commited.  I am 
not setting up cvs on my machine at the moment due to I have Mandrake 8.1 at 
the moment and I don't like it.  I am still waiting to see what people think 
of Red Hat 7.2 before I install it.  I will then update my machine and the 

If you like I will tar up my current version (with your patch) and put it 
somewhere for you to download if you like.


On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 02:02, you wrote:
> I've played around a wee bit and managed to hack together this patch which
> allows objects to be terminated in sequence diagrams (with a cross at the
> bottom).
> Most of it seems to be tab <-> space problems for which I appologise but
> don't know what to do about.
> With the appropriate blessing maybe it's even suitable for CVS!
> Jonathan Riddell

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