[Uml-devel] I looked at the source

manuel manuel at stjohnsprepschool.org
Mon Dec 31 20:44:02 UTC 2001

I finally took the plunge and had my night with the source (hey, that sounds 
strange!). It looks complicated to me since i'm new to the new Document-View 
Model but i think i understand it, let's see: The 'Document' part is the 
behind the scenes object that feeds the "View" with the current state of the 
'Document being worked on' it also provides methods to save and open. The 
"View" using a GUI is going to interact (change/modify/alter) with the 
"Document". In other words: Is like the user interface for the document while 
the document is and object that has no widgets but only methods to access the 
and update views (and maybe other methods that are data related). Did i got 
the D-V model right?


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