[Uml-devel] New

Manuel Lemos mlemos at acm.org
Sat Dec 29 21:33:02 UTC 2001


manuel wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm a new member of the list and excpect to be a new developer! I just wanted
> to get some info on how thing are done here? And how do i get something to
> do..

If you would like a suggestion to add something simple but very useful,
is to add additional fields document use cases like separate fields for:
pre-conditions, post-conditions, primary scenario, secondary scenarios,
etc... Just a single text field as it is now is not sufficient. As a
follow-up for this small feature, it would be the ability to export use
case documentation is some XML format, not XMI because that is not quite
for this purpose, but maybe some new simple format for use cases that we
could use externally to process and generate documentation to present to
project sponsors and clients.

Just mail me back or ping me at ICQ 15699174 if you would like to
exchange ideas more interactively.

Manuel Lemos

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