[Uml-devel] bugs and wishes

Raphael Zulliger zulli at mail.izh.ch
Sun Dec 16 23:21:03 UTC 2001


first i wanted to thank you for this great tool! i can do all i need 
with UML. but nevertheless i encountered some things worth to 

new features
1. it is not possible to open a file directly from shell or from 
konquerror... but should be very simple for you to add and very useful 
for all users
2. zooming function would be VERY useful!
3. undo/redo

- it crashes a lot, espacially when something is deleted.
- sometimes i have about 10 or more lines between two 'concepts'. i 
don't know but i suppose creates these lines every time i change options 
and then klick OK

this are some hints. would be great to see some of these whishes 
included in 1.0.4

thanks, raphael

btw: is it worth to checkout CVS? are there any improvements?

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