Tellico crashing when importing from CD data

Bill Gee bgee at
Mon Sep 27 14:37:41 BST 2021

Hi Robby -

This morning I tried to reproduce the problem.  Dang it - I was not able to make it happen again!  I hate when that happens.  Problems cannot be fixed unless they can be reproduced.

I installed the debuginfo packages for Tellico before I started.  "dnf debuginfo-install tellico"  brought in about 70 megabytes of files.  I made a backup of my data file before starting.  All of this work was done on a copy of the original.

I looked around for an ABRT dump but did not find anything related to this problem.  The most recent ABRT dataset on the machine is from several weeks ago and is related to Arduino IDE.

My version of libkcddb is 16.08.3-8 which is in the Fedora repository.  There is no newer version packaged for Fedora 34.

I cleared the contents of ~/.cddb.  As I imported CDs, I saw that files were added in this directory.  

I tried importing a CD that does not exist at MusicBrainz.  Tellico did the right thing with it - a notice that no data was found.  I also tried importing a CD which has seven entries at MusicBrainz.  Again the right thing was done - A drop-down asking which of the data sets I wanted to import.  No crash.

As a far-fetched idea, I also tried ripping a CD with SoundKonverter, then inserting a different CD and importing it to Tellico.  My normal workflow when I have a stack of CDs to add is to import a disk to Tellico, then rip it with SoundKonverter while I edit the Tellico record, then change to the next CD and repeat.  I wondered if the CD drive got into an odd state because of the rip.  No crash, so this is apparently not the problem.

One other idea I had was to change the sequence of data sources in Tellico.  Musicbrainz is about the 6th or 8th item down the list and is the only source which relates to music CDs.  I wonder if Tellico is getting an unparsable result from some other source?  I did not try moving MusicBrainz to the top of the list.  Since I did not get a crash today, this idea seems far-fetched.

Unless you have some ideas, I think all we can do is let this one sleep for a while.  I will leave the debuginfo packages installed.  The next time it happens (which might be a month or more) I will restart this thread.

Thanks -
Bill Gee

On Sunday, September 26, 2021 7:50:54 PM CDT Robby Stephenson wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 11:11 AM Bill Gee <bgee at> wrote:
> > If there is a more formal way to report this, please let me know.
> >
> If you have the devel packages installed, the crash report may offer to
> submit a bug report. Having the backtrace from the crash, with the right
> info, would help me pin down what might be causing the problem.
> > I have a music collection database with about 4200 albums.  When I add a
> > new album by going to File - Import - Import Audio CD Data, it usually
> > works the first time.  If I then import a second album, Tellico almost
> > always crashes with a core dump.  I restart Tellico, run the import again
> > and it then successfully adds the CD.  Adding another one after that -
> > crash.
> >
> So far, I haven't been able to re-produce the crash. I can import the same
> CD twice or new CDs, even after blowing away the CDDB cache. But I'm not
> sure if they have any MusicBrainz info, since you suggested it might be
> tied to that. I have libkcddb 20.04 at the moment, not sure if that version
> might matter.
> > The problem is bad enough that I have got in the habit of saving the data
> > file, then closing and reopening Tellico after every new album.  Also, this
> > has been happening for some years with multiple versions of both Fedora and
> > Tellico.  It finally got annoying enough for me to seek some help with it.
> >
> I'll keep poking at it, but the best thing you could provide, if able, is a
> stack trace.
> Robby

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